Barrow's End

Formerly a frontier town, this has turned into a thriving little city. When the heroes first arrived, the town was having trouble with raids from a local goblin tribe. The heroes solved the goblin problem by removing their leader, a black dragon wyrmling named Noak who wanted to make a name for herself and had recruited the tribe to build her horde.

Once Noak was defeated, and the goblin threat put off, the Heroes assisted a group of surveyors who were in town looking into the possibility of reopening the long-abandoned mine. The mine, now inhabited by kobolds was semi-flooded, but the heroes dealt with the Kobold threat in daring, dungeon crawl fashion. And then with a small Oops, they sort of got caught up in a divine vision, while frozen in time for ~20 years. Oops indeed. However, the kobolds had been influenced by the good nature of their tribe’s artifact, which turned out to be related to the heroic Gnome Priestess’s own Goddess, Pondera.

With 20 years gone in a heartbeat, but strangely vivid dreams that were somehow connected compelling the heroes, they faced new, more deadly threats to the town called Barrow’s End. Barbarians in the north had been pushing further south, and attempting to take over the town. The local variant on a National Guard has been raised to protect the town and it’s precious mine from the depredations of northern barbarians, and the heroes set out to protect the town and determine the reason behind the barbarian’s actions.

In their explorations, they encountered a fallen paladin who had been leading raids in the area. He was captured, but exploded during interrogation when a booby trap was found on his skin (exploding runes FTW!). The apparent mastermind behind this trick? A local girl named Tatiana. She proceeded to lead a flight of gargoyles against the town, but was repulsed.

When the good guys learned that the barbarians were being driven by their new king, it became obvious that this new King in the North would have to be dealt with. The heroes ventured further north with a team of crack gnomish marines in their experimental battle wagon. They fought a tremendous battle against frost giants in the snow. Then, bogged down in deep drifts, the heroes went ahead on foot and nearly fell prey to a devious snowman trap outside the King’s Ice Castle. However, with great effort, perseverance, and a dollop of luck, they prevailed against the guards, the traps, and the King himself, who it turns out was a young white dragon who had inherited the castle from his forebearers and was impatient in gaining power/influence. His advisor, it turns out, was none other than Tatiana, and her sentiments regarding his failure were clear when Explosive Runes were discovered enscribed on the dragon as well. After all, what could be clearer than, “You got defeated? You failed me. Boom. Crit to the spinal column.”

Barrow's End

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