Chronology So Far

Today is the 18th day of Middlemoon in the 1886th Year of the Current Era

  • 0 Age of Dragons (Basic) – Io creates Bahamut and Tiamat and dragonkind begin their ascendency
  • 10,000 Basic / 0 Current Era – Bahamut and Tiamat cause The Cataclysm
  • 1,865CE, Seventhmoon – party formation where strangers sheltered from a storm
  • 1,865CE, Eighthmoon – Barrow’s End where the frontier town sought help dealing with a nearby goblin tribe led by Noak, a black dragon wyrmling
  • 1,865CE, Eighthmoon – Barrow’s End adventures continued when the town mentioned concerns over a kobold infested mine
  • 1,885CE, Thirdmoon – Barrow’s End has become a thriving burg thanks to the actions of heroes 20 years before. But Barbarians from the North have been raiding, recruiting and expanding their reach. Also, they now have some scary allies.
  • 1,885CE Fourthmoon – Attack on the North King’s Castle
  • 1,885CE Fourthmoon – Arctic Elf Village
  • 1,885CE Middlemoon to Twelfthmoon – Rail-Road to Deep Helm stops at vampire infested wayhouses, diseased villages, and a
  • 1,885CE Armistice – Assassination in Jupiter’s Cradle. Martial law declared.
  • 1,886CE Secondmoon – Martial Law lifted. Heroes receive guidance directing them to Deep Helm
  • 1,886CE Fourthmoon – Slopes of Deep Helm
  • 1,886CE 22nd of Fifthmoon – Party discovered an ancient subterranean battleground (Zealot’s Folly) at the Well of Souls, still fought over by the ghosts of the fallen. Nearby is a dragon-horde (still spectrally guarded) and a peculiar gate like artifact (Traveler’s Gate)
  • 1,886CE 5th of Middlemoon – Afterlife – Heroes flee an army by entering the afterlife. While there they help Pondera resurrect herself
  • 1,886CE 12th of Middlemoon – Well of Souls The ghosts of Zealot’s Folly have not been able to move on because there’s a clog in the drain. But that’s fixed now. Apparently some nutjob left a Sphere of Annihilation parked at the bottom of the drain, and it messed up the plumbing something fierce. However, the plucky adventurers, although unable to destroy it, moved it somewhere that it won’t be as much of a problem. Also, while down in the Well of Souls, they discovered two refugees from another land who had managed to use the Traveler’s Gate.
  • 1,886CE 18th of Middlemoon – The heroes managed to haul the ancient dragon horde up to the surface, and brought the two refugees with them. However, before they even got a chance to figure out what their haul consisted of, they were interrupted by a battered looking gnomish minstrel who had been seeking them to help deal with that army that drove them to run bodily in to the afterlife. Turns out the army got bored, and has gone on to attack Deep Helm, and has been sacking peaceful villages on their way down the mountainside. The heroes take a shortcut, and manage to get ahead of the army, and assist The City. Apparently Grigor Bast, the army’s leader, was kind of foolish, because he chose to send essentially his entire force down one long, well defended tunnel. They were plugged up at the cavern entrance by a few well placed spells, and eventually the defenders managed to divert a river and flood the tunnel, drowning the attacking army. Now they just have to figure out what’s going on in The City, because there were definitely at least a few traitor dwarves that attempted to sabotage the defense. Durkon in particular is very concerned about this.

Today is 1,886CE 18th of Middlemoon



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