Chromatic Signs

5 Colors... how many left?

Texts on Dragon-kind are all in agreement about few things. They tend to disagree on specifics of habitat, personality, and the finer points of physical description of the various dragon races. None can say with any certainty whether dragons actually succumb to advanced age, or if they simply tire of the world after a few thousand years, and move on.

Events in this world’s past have prevented any dragon from aging beyond approximately 400 years. This has been common knowlege for most of the last 2000 years (The Current Era). Approximately 100 years ago, Tiamat and Bahamut were finally killed, and it is assumed that dragons can now age normally again.

Despite the many conflicting rumors of dragonkind, all texts agree that there are only 10 species of True Dragons. The Metallics are: Gold, Silver, Bronze, Brass, and Copper. Chromatics are: Red, Black, Green, Blue, and White.

The lesser draconic races have also been fairly thoroughly documented. These include drakes, land-wyrms, and half-dragons, for example. The various species of lizard-men are thought to be unrelated to dragons, though Kobolds are thought to be distantly connected to a draconic heritage.

In the past few years, however, new dragon subspecies have begun to appear. These appear to be closely related to the Chromatic, true-dragon relatives, possibly even spawned by them. Nobody has been able to say with certainty what has caused this expansion of the draconic heritage. Perhaps some cosmic event, or the direct influence of a god or gods has caused it.

The following is a list of Spawn that have been seen so far.

  • Godslayer
  • Burrower
  • Raider
  • Stalker
  • Hunter
  • Hordeling



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