A quiet wood-elf who is a bit aloof, except when it comes to dealing with animals.


Name: Elora

Race: Wood Elf

Age: Approximately 55. She doesn’t keep track.

Class: Ranger/Fighter/Skylord

Mount: Content Not Found: Synergy

Animal Companion: None

Preferred Weapon: Shocking Mighty Composite Longbow +1

Feats (as of 11)
  • Natural Bond (+3 to effective class level for the purposes of your animal companion)
  • Point Blank Shot
  • Exalted Companion
  • Weapon Focus: (Composite) Longbow Fighter Bonus Feats:
  • Mounted Combat
  • Mounted Archery Class Features & Feats:
  • Ranger Feats:
    • Manyshot
    • Rapidshot
  • Ranger Class Features:
    • Favored Enemies:
      • Spider (Vermin)
      • Dragon
    • Track
    • Wild Empathy
    • Animal Companion
    • Endurance
  • Skylord Feats:
    • Mount
    • Ride the Wind

Physical Description

  • Height: Maybe 5’7”
  • Build: Tall and lanky
  • Hair: Deep brown, long, straight
  • Eyes: Blue-Green

Elora Background

Family Life

Elora came from a family of wood elves who lived in a small forest called Liyare. Her mother, Serena, was a druid and her father, Hyrrin, was a ranger and the two of her parents had been tasked by their clan to protect their forest. For that was the way of the rangers and druids of the wood elves; each family took on the role of guardian for a particular place of nature – since they were wood elves, most guarded forests.

Out Into The World

When Elora came of age, however, she was sent into the world. For that was the way of things. A guardian of nature could not properly understand what they were protecting their charges from without venturing out into the modern world. She was to travel the world for fifty years learning of man, and the threats they posed to the balance and stability of the world. And learn what role Ehlenestra (known as Ehlonna to the human world) had planned for her.

Of course, Elora wasn’t particularly religious in the human sense. She didn’t attend church, and she didn’t really pray. But the goddess the wood elves chose to follow was the goddess of the woodlands and so while the rangers didn’t actively interact with the divine – being too rooted in the real world – but since they served nature, they in turn served the goddess of nature. But this was not something that Elora ever really thought about. All she cared about was the soil beneath her feet, and the wind in her hair.

And so she set off into the world, to see what she could see. She quickly found out how little she understood about the various people and races that inhabited the world. And often, she found this for the better. In the second town she visited, she nearly rescued her first horse, Karra, from a knackers. Someone had sold her for meat when she came up lame, despite her being a young and otherwise healthy horse. She’d just had a shoeing go wrong and muck up her movements. A few weeks of stall rest and she was as good as new.

Adventuring Buddy

That was also the town in which she met Durkon. Elora, having spent her entire life in Liyare Forest, actually had no idea when she met Durkon how badly matched Elves and Dwarves were as friends. All she knew at the time was that they were both foreigners in human territory. It was only when Durkon had told her that she needed a drinking buddy – and she had no idea what he meant but went along with him to a bar anyway, that she started to learn just how strange of a friend she’d just made. But the damage was done, and he was an honest sort of fella, and so she stayed the course.

The Hobbits

Together they traveled to a neighboring town, expecting to part ways but on the way there they ran across some hobbits who yammered on about some ring. Elora had no interest in trinkets at the time, so she didn’t pay much mind when they explained their plight (honestly, she couldn’t even remember if they had a ring they were trying to get rid of or were on the hunt for a particular bobble), but Elora and Durkon agreed to shepherd them safely to the next town.

Unfortunately, during an ambush, Elora and Durkon distracted a group of orcs so that the hobbits could make their escape, and Elora and Durkon never saw them again. They spent many days searching for the hobbits but to no avail. Likely because Elora wasn’t all that experienced a tracker, but at least they never came across the hobbits’ corpses. They had all but given up hope when they took refuge in a certain cave where another three adventurers; Thravos, Dru, and Blue; had also sought refuge. The rest is history…

State of Elora

Personality Summary:

Elora finds herself feeling more kinship for animals than she does for humans partially because of the culture she was raised in. But in part, it was also because, she quickly found out that man was greedy and had no respect for the land or the animals. Man rarely saw the land as something to give back to – only something to take from. Man rarely saw animals as intelligent enough to be given a fair shot in life; even the animals that he could not survive without. Elora’s first method of compensation for this was to take in as many animals as she could afford to who needed a guardian which turned out to be a less than stellar idea when she started attracting danger to her own location. (It’s not that she didn’t think nature was safe. Just that everything that bad that happened in nature benefited another portion of nature, and it all came back in the end. Also that animals rarely took more than they needed.)

Defining Moments from the Adventure

  • Elora hasn’t been able to come to terms entirely with the looting habits of humans but currently justifies it to herself as cleaning up litter.
  • Elora never fully approved of Blue’s necromancy. It denied the resources of a decomposing corpse to the animals who would eat it and the soil that needed the nutritional value. It also denied the creature the dignity of it’s death. But she was in the world to experience what other races and civilizations believed and did so that she could better perform her job when she returned. Not to pass judgement. Since no one was immediately getting hurt, she let it slide and kept her silence.
  • Elora’s most trying time with the party was when they were sucked into the afterlife trying to ressurect Pondera. To this day, she can’t figure out what took leave of her senses to leave her horses behind; the animals who looked to her for care and safety. The only explination she’d been able to come up with was that a lot had been going on. Perhaps she’d just forgotten for a moment. But that always seemed like a hollow answer in her mind.

What was worse for her was when they found themselves in the after life and she discovered her animals there – happy. It eased her soul to know that they were alright. And really, it should have eased her mind even more to know that when animals died in the wild, they too didn’t mind it for long. But it somehow made her confused about how she should feel about death when she was back in the real world. Did that mean that death really just didn’t matter? Honestly, she’d never actually given death much thought for some reason. Maybe because it was such a part of life in the wild. But it seemed…hard to grasp for her simple perception of things. Perhaps what mattered was the suffering involved? She still didn’t understand the question she was grappling with, let alone have an answer to it.

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