A wry, shape-shifting druid.


Born to a human father who was seduced by an beautiful elf with a strange sense of humor. Raised mostly by his mother, who gave him a traditional elvish name only the beginning of which is vaguely pronounceable by one not-fully elvish. Thus, “Dru” cannot actually pronounce his full name. But “real” elves can, and it pisses him off. Apparently, the perverse sense of humor is hereditary, as Dru enjoys flying above his enemies and changing into the largest, heaviest form he can, just to see what happens.

Dru has recently come into his own, gaining more power and control out of his shape-changing, and giving up material possessions. He is currently seeking a better name (or title?) than his current one, and to refine his identity with some sort of backstory or character trait.


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