The Second Coming of Martyred Gods

In the Temple of Moradin’s Library in Deep Helm, an ancient prophecy has been discovered and translated:

“After Io, The Great, The Father of Dragons, The Creator-God, abandons this World he made for his children, for ages beyond mortal ken will his heirs feud in perfect impasse. In a struggle unceasing, each draws upon the strength of generations of Faithful, Followers and Children. In a far distant Age, an outsider, by corruption of simple will, with a northward glance and a nudge, destroy the balance and bring upon this world a second cataclysm. The Fallen will reside with those in the Garden of Astral Dreamers.

In their absence will arise remnants of ancient Powers. Might long unknown will return to the world from afar. There will be those, covetous of these fractured Powers, who will seek to restore.

Seek the signs of the Second Coming of Martyred Gods. The Ancient Grand-daughter will be restored her sacrificed essence. Favored Children of the Five-fold Dragon will produce Spawn of a long deceased Mother. Wyrms of alternate ancestry emigrate. Pirate Kings will fetch for distant masters. A Great general under a Crimson Banner will be sought from another place. One, Black and Heartless, will lead a multitude to recover his Mistress’ Essence. But few will oppose the many."

Prophecy #2: (?) = questionable translations

Though several flee the World, preferring exile to The Mistress’ embrace, in time will one of Her children choose an agent from the hereditary servants, and with but a slight nudge of mighty powers, free Her from embattled confinement. And, free once more to grow powerful for their own purposes, Her children will rise and repopulate these lands.

Seek the signs of the Second Coming of Martyred Gods. The Ancient seed of Bahamut will be restored her sacrificed essence. Travelers will bring conflict, hope, and kin from afar. The mortal masters of the sea shall fetch and carry for the heirs of this world. A Grand General will be found to lead the multitude in our divine purpose, and beneath his flame will the Blackened Shadow (?) thrive.

Strength shall be as it once was, unmatched by mortals, and the lesser being will tremble in shadow. Yet, just as shadow is meaningless without light, so must our strength be tested against the followers of the Platinum Prince.

The Five-Fold Children will surely reclaim their dominion, for His agents are but few, while we are the multitude. The toil of nations will produce the shattered essence of our Mistress. The Council will bask at the font (?) of her essence and must surely be among her favorites upon her resurrection.

In that time, when the children of Io cease contention, the multitude must be formed. Hatch and Grow. Travel and Recruit. Seek and Restore. Under banners of flame and talons black will her Spawn herald the Mistress’s rebirth (?).

The mighty set forth from Cheng Long will kneel as the chosen before The Power (?) at the Temple on the Slopes where once The Father of Gods resided. The Mistress’ Power, collected, will return to the land, and only the Intervention of He Who Retired to The Shadow (?) may challenge the new Rising.



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